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GPU Servers India Data Center

Harness the power of a modern deployment infrastructure leveraging the performance of world-class GPUs. Alongside Intel, NVIDIA, and SuperMicro, we have designed a cost-effective solution for parallel computing.

Cores / RAM
Ryzen™ 5 3600
6 Cores / 32 GB
2 x 512 GB NVMe
5 TB / 1Gbps
$269 $229.45/mo
Ryzen™ 5 3600
RTX 3050 8GB
6 Cores / 64 GB
2 x 512 GB NVMe
5 TB / 1Gbps
$299 $254.95/mo
Ryzen™ 7 3700X
RTX 3060 12GB
8 Cores / 64 GB
2 x 512 GB NVMe
5 TB / 1Gbps
$389 $331.45/mo
Ryzen™ 9 3900
RTX 3090 24GB
12 Cores / 64 GB
2 x 512 GB NVMe
5 TB / 1Gbps
$919 $781.95/mo
Ryzen™ 9 5950X
16 Cores / 128 GB
2 x 512 GB NVMe
5 TB / 1Gbps
$1219 $1036.95/mo
Location: India

Why Our GPU Dedicated Servers India?

We enable powerful cloud features on raw bare metal hardware, served on-demand.

Raw Compute Power

Single-tenant bare metal servers with no virtualization.

Variety of GPUs

Choose from the wide range of available GPU accelerators online.

In-memory Computing

Add up to 1536GB RAM to your dedicated server

Secure Data Storage

Choose directly attached, block or object storage.

Private Networking

Interconnect your servers on a robust 10G virtual LAN.

Free Data Flow

Up to 5TB of free monthly traffic, contact our sales for more bandwidth.

Choice of Operating Systems

Our GPU dedicated servers hosting gives you the ability to choose from Windows and Linux servers operating systems. Pick your preferred operating system and let us install it for you. Get the best OS for your Dedicated Servers USA & experience the highest level of security.

  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Windows & much more...

Extensive Range of Control Panels

Dedicated server management is never a trouble with our broad variety of powerful control panels available. We have partnered with best-in-class web-based control panels like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin and Webuzo for you to manage your GPU dedicated server hosting with ease.

  • DirectAdmin
  • cPanel/WHM
  • Plesk Onyx

Most Popular GPU Servers Use Cases

We empower small and medium businesses with massive parallel processing capabilities, making graphical rendering, scientific modeling, machine learning and other parallel computing solutions easily accessible. Whether you need a single GPU server or whole GPU cluster, we can easily deliver ir in minutes.

Deep Learning Models

Speed up linear algebra calculations to train your models quicker.

GPU Servers For Gaming

Enjoy premium gaming experience with enhanced graphical rendering.

Graphical Design

Create 3D models or lift your video transcoding to another level.

GPU Servers For Big Data

Solving complex computational problems in a short amount of time.

Scientific Research

High-performance servers can perform all types of advanced scientific problems.

Data Science

Conduct more experimentation, and generally perform much deeper exploration.

Find optimal GPU server solutions

Multi-Purpose GPU - NVIDIA Tesla T4

This is a powerful, scalable multi-purpose GPU card. It can be used for both compute as well as graphical rendering use cases, such as VDI. It’s also ideal for running VDI workloads by day & compute workloads by night. This GPU card fits multiple server models due to its size and low power usage.

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High Performance Compute, Deep Learning / AI GPUs - NVIDIA A30 or A100

Offered in a selected number of double-width GPU supporting servers, this option delivers the best performance for Deep Learning and High Performance Compute applications. It provides unmatched acceleration at all scales, maximizing compute power for the most demanding AI workloads.

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VDI, Graphics Rendering & Video Transcoding – NVIDIA A40

Supported in a selected number of double-width GPU supporting servers, and designed for processing graphics. The A40 is the highest performing GPU for all your video rendering or virtual reality projects.

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GPU Dedicated Servers India FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our GPU Dedicated Servers India solution.

What do you mean by a GPU server?

A GPU server is basically a type of computing service that has a GPU card that provides fast, flexible computing and a highly stable environment. It’s basically used in different scenarios like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, deep learning, decoding, scientific computing, etc.

What are the benefits of GPU-based servers?

The GPU-based servers are highly beneficial. With top-speed graphic processing capabilities, you will get the below benefits with it.
- A server specifically designed to handle very complex applications.
- Receive high speed and performance.
- It lets you run concurrent tasks without slowing down.

Will my GPU servers be set up instantly?

Yes, at Fastnvme, we offer instant account setup without any long delays. Once you place the order, and the payment is confirmed, our team will take care of the GPU server setup.

What is the main difference between GPU and CPU?

In the world of supercomputers, GPU is really popular, yet it utilizes the conventional concept of parallel processing. The GPU breaks big tasks into small tasks and functions on them in one go, however, unlike the CPU, that appears to work on a sequence of tasks.
CPU can handle fewer tasks at a time, while GPU can handle several concurrent tasks at a time. Thus, GPUs offer a higher level of latency than GPUs. It’s the best option to host resource-intensive applications.

Which processors do you offer?

We make use of Intel Xeon and AMD Ryzen processors on our GPU-based servers. The Intel Xeon and AMD Ryzen processors are super-fast and they help to boost the performance of resource-intensive workloads.

Is my GPU dedicated server customizable?

Yes, at Fastnvme all of our GPU dedicated servers are customizable. This means you have complete freedom to modify your server configurations, install or delete applications, install the software you need, and perform many more such tasks.

What Is GPU Computing?

It is general-purpose computing with the help of a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). These calculations are done faster by using a GPU and a Central Processing Unit (CPU) together to speed them up. This is done for applications that are usually done by the CPU alone.

What are Tensor Cores?

NVIDIA Tensor Cores are specialized processing units available in both NVIDIA T4 and NVIDIA V100 GPUs. Tensor Cores accelerate matrix operations, which are the heart of AI workloads.

Why choose Fastnvme's GPU dedicated servers?

At Fastnvme, we offer the best GPU dedicated servers that are ideal for running your AI, ML, AR and deep learning, and applications that need more computing power. GPU servers can perform concurrent tasks at the same time. Additionally, we have ISO-certified Tier-3 data centers that result in massive performance with guaranteed 99.99% uptime for your heavy web applications.
Here are some more reasons for choosing us:
- High-quality servers with Intel Xeon and AMD Ryzen processors.
- Word-Class Tier-3 data centers.

Why should I go for the GPU dedicated server hosting in India?

Our GPU dedicated server hosting in India keeps the server close to the targeted location and user base. For instance, to target the Indian market, Fastnvme GPU dedicated server India is an ideal go-to option.

Can we expand or change our configuration in the middle of the service tenure?

Yes, Fastnvme allows you to expand easily as and when required. We also allow you to migrate to another configuration if not specified with the present one.

Does Fastnvme provide virtualization support for dedicated servers with GPU?

Yes, we at Fastnvme provide virtualization support for dedicated server hosting with the GPU server. For this, you will need to inform us before so that we can check our availability.

How many GPUs can be added to a server?

If your application requires serious GPU performance, we can deliver 4, 8, or 10 GPUs peered together into a single root complex using today’s most advanced binding technology. Our GPU servers are data center grade and equipped with NVIDIA and PNY GPU accelerators.

What software is included?

Typically, we will deliver our systems with an OS of your choosing and that’s it. However, we have a limited number of GPU / GPU applications that we can assist with the setup. These are quick setup GPU applications optimized to perform best with heavy GPU workloads. Some of our most popular GPU enabled applications are Caffe, Amber, TensorFlow, Torch, and more.

What is NVIDIA Tesla?

NVIDIA Tesla (Tesla) is a brand-new product line launched by NVIDIA after the professional accelerator Quadro and entertainment graphics card Geforce series, which is mainly applied to the high-performance computing needs of scientific research. Leverage NVIDIA ® Tesla ® GPU accelerators to handle super demanding HPC and very large-scale data center workloads faster.

What is remote graphics workstation?

A remote graphics workstation is a kind of workstation in which the server and client are separated from each other and connected to the host through a private network to carry out daily work. The host server is generally centrally deployed in the computer room of the information center to process the graphics workload through the GPU graphics card. The terminal of the client is connected to the host through the connection keyboard, mouse and display, and through the special network to carry out daily work.

Can I use the dedicated GPU server for Crypto mining?

Telling the truth, any GPU can farm cryptos. Yet, as per the present moment, they are relatively expensive and do not mine as much. In reality, GPU server mining has become rather challenging nowadays. It's much more efficient to mine a coin that has a bright future rather than bitcoin and ethereal. After all, you can do your own research, guided by the following points: what technologies can change the world, what technologies coins are offering, which sector are they targeting, what change they will bring? Having some extra luck on your side wouldn't hurt as well.

What operating systems are available for GPU servers?

You can order a server with the latest versions of popular distribution packages, such as Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, OpenSUSE), Windows Server, and VMware ESXi™, as well as pre-installed Proxmox templates. Software licenses must be ordered separately in the control panel.

What are GPU servers used for?

In brief, a GPU server is a fast, stable, and elastic computing service applied to video encoding, deep learning, scientific computing, etc. - all being based on GPU. Moreover, GPU dedicated servers have graphics processing units, also known as graphic cards. These are mostly used for computing, gaming, machine learning, and scientific research, as dedicated server with GPU processes data much faster than CPU.

Get a Custom GPU Server India!

Boost your server capacity with fully customizable high-performance GPU servers.

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