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Why register domain names with Fastnvme?

Fastnvme provides domain registration at a low cost, with immediate activation and dedicated live assistance.

24/7 live technical support

Our live customer service team is here to assist you at any time of day or night. We've tried to make the domain search and domain name registration process as simple as possible, but we all need a little help now and again. Simply contact us and we'll walk you through everything.

Trusted domain registrar

Millions of individuals throughout the world rely on Fastnvme as a domain registrar and web host. We are an approved domain registrar with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Instant setup and easy control

It's time to register and link your domain to your website. Fortunately, Fastnvme will walk you through each stage with only a few clicks. No technological skills are necessary.

How to choose the perfect domain name?

The most important points to consider when searching the right domain name.

Keep It Short

Although there is no set length for domain names, the ideal ones are between two and three words long. Longer domains are more difficult to read and will not stand out.

In This Case, Less is More

In your domain, avoid hyphens, digits, slang, and terms with numerous spellings. These complex features make your site considerably more difficult to spell and remember.

Incorporate Your Brand Name

Your brand name or targeted keywords of your profession should be included in the web address for your website or online business. A search result that includes a keyword in the name can improve brand awareness and drive visitors to your site.

Perform a Domain Name Search

Before you choose a web name, check to see if it hasn't already been trademarked by another firm that holds the copyright.

Think Locally

While many people prefer .com names, you may be better off choosing a country-specific right domain like .in or .de. Especially if you're aiming for a certain country.

Check Availability and Act Quickly

The best domain names are taken very quickly, so don't wait to buy them. Don't let your dream domain slip away; use the domain checker to perform domain name search availability, find a domain that suits your needs and register it now.

Already have a domain name?

Transferring your existing website domain name from your current provider to Fastnvme is simple and only takes a few clicks.


Included with every domain registration

Fastnvme domain name registration service comes with value packed features and options.

Whois Privacy Protection

Need some privacy? We’ll protect your personal info from the WHOIS database for a small fee.

DNS Management

DNS allows you to reference computers by names instead of IP addresses. Easily update your name server info along with your A, AAA, MX, CNAME, and other records.

Domain Forwarding

Domain forwarding allows you to automatically redirect your website visitors to another URL or domain name. Direct multiple domains to a single site for easier content management.

Custom Nameservers

Create professional-looking "vanity" nameservers (e.g. branded with your domain to respond to DNS requests for your domain.


Choose how you want to work with . You'll have the freedom to set your auto-renew preferences to "yes," "no," or "ask me" to receive renewal notices on a regular basis.

Optional Domain Locking

Domain names can be locked (for free) to protect against unauthorized changes. Choose to lock your domain in order to keep unauthorized transfer requests and scammers at bay.

FAQs about Domain Registration

Questions and answers regarding the Fastnvme Domain Checker tool and domain registration process.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is similar to the online equivalent of a physical address. It is how visitors will be able to locate your website.

Simply type a website or business name into Google's search field, and the top search result should be the website you're looking for., like and, is a domain name. Your domain should ideally be the same as the name of your website or business.

Why do you need a domain name?

Domain names are essential for assisting potential visitors in finding your website. We'd be able to visit websites just by inputting their IP addresses if they didn't have names allocated to them.

Because an IP address is a string of digits like, it's evident that finding a site would be difficult if we didn't utilize domains to help.

It is considerably easier for individuals to search for websites and locate what they are looking for online when keywords and brand names are added to domain names.

How long does the domain registration process take?

Fastnvme provides rapid domain registration and activation, ensuring that your new domain name is up and running right away.

Better, we've made the procedure as simple as possible, and registering a domain just takes a few minutes.

How can I get a free domain registration?

With Fastnvme, getting a free domain is simple. In reality, almost everyone who uses Fastnvme qualifies. All you have to do is sign up for a 12-month or longer web hosting plan and you can start your registration process.

What do I do if the perfect domain name is already taken?

If you check domain availability with our domain name finder and your desired name is already used, you might try changing the extension or searching for similar domain names. The most popular domain extensions are frequently taken, however country-specific extensions like .in, as well as lesser-used extensions like .xyz and .online, may still be available.

What is domain privacy protection?

Privacy protection is commonly referred to as WHOIS protection. It hides certain information about a domain name's owner that would otherwise be discoverable through a WHOIS lookup.

With domain privacy protection you can substitute your name, address, phone number, email address, and business name with a set of generic, non-identifiable information to safeguard your privacy.

What’s the difference between .com, .in, .org and .info?

Each gTLD has a distinct meaning, so choose the one that is most applicable to your website.

.com domains are often used for commercial purposes, but they're increasingly being used by default since they convey a level of confidence. Originally used by networking organizations (such as internet service providers), .net domain names are now utilized for a variety of purposes.

.org domains are still mostly utilized as a gTLD for charities, communities, and local organizations, as they were intended. .info, on the other hand, is geared towards information-based websites like wikis and tutorials.

There is a certain amount of wriggle area with all of these gTLDs. There's no regulation requiring you to use one sort of name over another, and there's no exam you must complete to register one. Instead of regulations, think of them as suggestions.

Can I modify the DNS server information?

Yes. Post registering your domain name, you can edit your DNS server information from Name Servers under the ‘Manage Domains’ option. Then select modify Name Server details and enter the new name server details.

Which domain is the best for my website?

Finding an available domain name is only one part of choosing the perfect domain. Before you perform a domain name search and register a domain, you should follow certain established best practices.

Length. Keep it short; 2-3 words is ideal.

Simple. Don’t use any long or hard-to-spell words.

Keywords. Include a keyword from your industry. For example, if you sell soya beans in New Delhi, try

Avoid numbers. Numbers are hard to recall and make everything more complex.

Brand name. Include your brand name in it for maximum acknowledgement.

Is it possible to modify a domain name once it has been registered?

No, once a web address is registered, it cannot be changed. However, you may buy a new domain and move your website there.

What are TLD, ccTLD, and gTLD?

The top-level domain is referred to as a TLD. It is the last portion of any domain extension, such as .com, .org, or .gov.

Country-code top-level domains are abbreviated as ccTLDs. It is a sub-category of TLDs that are used to designate a certain nation., .de, .mx, and .fr, for example, are all ccTLDs.

The term gTLD refers to a generic top-level domain. This is the most prevalent type of domain name. .com domain names, which have more registrations than all of the ccTLDs combined, are included in this category.

The primary generic top-level domains (gTLDs) used to, .org, .net, .edu, .gov, and .mil, but the number of possible gTLDs has increased, and there are now hundreds of them, including .online, .xyz, and .name.

I already have a website address. Is it possible to transfer it to Fastnvme?

Yes, of course. When you check domain name availability and register a domain, it becomes your property, not the property of the hosting provider with which you registered it.

Switching your website hosting to Fastnvme is simple with our domain transfer service. We'll guide you through the entire procedure.

How do I use the domain checker?

Simply type your ideal web name into the search bar at the top of the page to see whether it's available.

From there, you can purchase the name, register it, and even obtain a hosting plan for it.

What will I need to complete the domain registration with Fastnvme?

None. We merely need basic contact information and a valid payment method.

If you wish to utilize Fastnvme's domain checker and register a web name, you don't even have to be a current client. You can redirect a domain you've registered with us to the hosting account you already have with a different provider.

How long does a domain name registration last?

Domains must be registered for at least one year. When you believe you've found a great domain, you can also register TLDs like .com, .in, .net, etc for three years with Fastnvme.

You may set up automatic renewal to ensure that you stay the current owner of your website name and that it is always registered to you and your website. This renewal will occur after 1 or 3 years, depending on the domain registration duration.

What’s the difference between a domain name and web hosting?

Your domain name is similar to your address, and your web hosting is similar to your home. If you want to start a website, you'll need a domain name (which others can use to locate you) as well as hosting (which houses the website itself).

A symbiotic link exists between domains and web hosting. While having one without the other is theoretically conceivable, they operate best together, which is why many hosting firms provide domains and many registrars offer hosting.

What is a subdomain?

A subdomain is a subdivision of a larger domain. For example, "" is a subdomain of "". A subdomain is used to direct a visitor to a specific part of your site that may or may not be linked to your main site.

How does a domain name work?

Best domain name explanation - it’s your address on the Internet. This address in actuality is a series of numbers used to find and identify computers on the web called Internet Protocol (IP). While it is not practical to remember a series of numbers for a website, domain names were created to convert those numbers to ease-to-remember names and phrases. Therefore, when a user types in, the Domain Name System (DNS) translates the domain name into IP numbers. The Internet then uses these numbers to connect to Fastnvme’s website.

Is it necessary to prefix the domain with www?

No, the www at the beginning of a URL isn't part of your domain name. It's a subdomain of the main domain.

If you added www to the beginning of your registered name, the final website address would be As a result, you should only type the precise words you wish to appear in the website name.