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Dedicated Servers USA Plans

Get fully dedicated hardware and customise your dedicated servers in Los Angeles, United States on a monthly basis. No long-term commitments required. These servers are backed by FastNvme’s 100 Gbit/sec global backbone and 24/7/365 technical engineering support. Guaranteed speeds and 10 Gbit/s Anti-DDoS as standard. Here is our range of dedicated servers USA with its many configuration possibilities.

4 Cores / 3.30GHz
1 x 480 GB SSD
10 TB / 1Gbps
$170.95 $160.95/mo
6 Cores / 3.30GHz
32 GB DDR4
2 x 480 GB SSD
10 TB / 1Gbps
$259.95 $250.95/mo
8 Cores / 3.20GHz
64 GB DDR4
2 x 480 GB SSD
10 TB / 1Gbps
$359.95 $350.95/mo
12 Cores / 2.40GHz
128 GB DDR4
2 x 960 GB SSD
10 TB / 1Gbps
$390.95 $380.45/mo
28 Cores / 2.4GHz
256 GB DDR4
2 x 2 TB SSD
10 TB / 1Gbps
$450.95 $440.45/mo
Location: United States

Why Our Dedicated Servers USA?

Deploy a dedicated server in the US on a highly resilient, global and low-latency network.

Secure Housing

Housed in one of our top-tier ISO certified, hyper-connected data centers, our dedicated servers USA have it all. Every detail of their environment – from power density and redundancy, to capacity and cooling, location and accessibility – has been carefully configured to guarantee the very best in security, resiliency, and efficiency.

Global Peering Points

Get connected with greater bandwidth and speed, whenever and wherever you're working. One of the largest in the world, our network comprises 25 Internet Exchange peering points and 36 points of presence across Europe, the U.S. and Asia. Together with our combination of private peering and global transit provider arrangements we maintain an impressive core uptime of 99.99% and 100 Gbit/sec available capacity.

Command and Control

Our easy-to-use client area portal lets you manage your entire hosting infrastructure from one single interface. You’ll have access to automated backend services and activities to carry out dedicated server USA reboots, OS reloads, rescue modes, IP management, null routing, private network, data traffic and bandwidth measurements.

Uncompromising Performance

No noisy neighbors. No hypervisor tax. FastNvme dedicated servers USA hosting gives you physical, single-tenant servers which are super powerful, and ready to crunch your numbers. We use top tier datacenter hardware and our servers are powered by high performance Intel Scalable processors.

Full Customization Options

With FastNvme dedicated servers USA hosting you can customize the configuration of your server to meet your specific needs, including RAM, SSD hard drives, bandwidth options and more. We think you'll find our pricing to be highly competitive too.

24/7 On-site Technical Support

Our USA datacenter engineers are available round the clock – reachable by phone, email, or through our online chat facility in the FastNvme Client Area. If you want to do your own troubleshooting, we have a fantastic online Knowledge Base to guide you to the answer.

Choice of Operating Systems

Our USA dedicated servers hosting gives you the ability to choose from Windows and Linux servers operating systems. Pick your preferred operating system and let us install it for you. Get the best OS for your Dedicated Servers USA & experience the highest level of security.

  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Windows & much more...

Extensive Range of Control Panels

Dedicated server management is never a trouble with our broad variety of powerful control panels available. We have partnered with best-in-class web-based control panels like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin and Webuzo for you to manage your USA dedicated server hosting with ease.

  • DirectAdmin
  • cPanel/WHM
  • Plesk Onyx

Trust the #1 Dedicated Servers USA

This range of advanced dedicated servers in USA has been designed with experts in mind. They’re made for the likes of agencies and system admins who require acute control over their servers. Offering utmost features, power and elevated performance, they’re ideal for running high traffic websites, online gaming, multiple resource intensive applications, live media streaming and machine learning.

Servers from Leading Brands

We care about the security of your valuable datas. We do not make any compromises when it comes to hardware. Our Dedicated Servers USA are cooled according to the most rigorous industrial standards, and hosted in our certified datacenters. We’d rather focus on our core mission and work with Dell, HP or QCT to offer you the best and highest quality possible.

Premium Network Backbone

We operate a high-performance, ultra-fast and reliable network, fully meshed at 100 Gbit/sec for our Dedicated Servers USA. Our network is based on the most advanced equipment on the market and has more than 8 Tbit/sec of capacity to multiple operators and exchange points.

Certified Data Centers

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our Los Angeles, USA data centers. Our experts have designed our infrastructure to offer you maximum redundancy, security and reliability. Our data centers in USA are ISO 27001, ISO 50001 compliant and TIER 3 certified by the Uptime Institute. They are auditable and can be visited at any time, we have nothing to hide!

DDoS Protection

We offer anti-DDoS protection on all our Dedicated dedicated servers USA solutions. This service protects you from denial of service attacks, including automatic mitigation of major attacks to limit the impact on your server.

KVM over IP

This remotely controlled service is included with the majority of our Dedicated Servers USA (available on certain offers). It allows you to connect directly to your server: keyboard/screen/mouse and to boot an ISO file.

Monitoring Services

To check the health of your Dedicated Servers USA, a 24/7 monitoring service is included. The monitoring allows you to easily manage and administer your infrastructures thanks to metrics and graphs directly available from your console. You can also benefit from e-mail and Email alerts to increase your reactivity.

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Dedicated Servers USA FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our Dedicated Servers USA solution.

What is a dedicated server in the USA?

A dedicated server in the USA is a physical server with real space and a single-tenant environment. You can choose dedicated server USA hosting for complex and high-end websites. The powerful web application or website can have its dedicated resources in fully isolated ecosystems.

What is the difference between a normal and managed dedicated server USA?

In normal dedicated server USA hosting, you can rent the server and customize it to meet the requirements. You will get the entire access to various resources like server security, updates, maintenance, etc. For managed dedicated server USA hosting, our team will handle the entire management and server-related tasks. If you opt for our managed dedicated server USA, we will provide dedicated technical support for 24/7 maintenance.

What if I have already chosen another hosting service?

No problem, we will offer a free of cost migration service from any third-party hosting to our dedicated server USA hosting. We, at FastNvme, are always ready to help with website hosting migration with no downtime.

my hosting dedicated server be available in the USA?

Yes, we keep the dedicated server in the USA location to keep it near the website. You can opt for Windows or Linux operating systems as well. FastNvme brings state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure to make the dedicated server hosting fully efficient.

Will you provide support if I wish to migrate the website hosting?

Yes, we do support our customers in every possible scenario. You can rely on us for reliable migration from any third-party to dedicated server USA hosting. Our team will assist with every minor and major complexity and won't let your website face any downtime.

Why should I choose dedicated server USA hosting?

The dedicated server USA hosting is allowed for a single user along with the features and resource usage. While the shared hosting has multiple users sharing the same resources, the dedicated server USA hosting provides complete access and control of the operating system.

Do you provide managed dedicated server USA hosting?

Yes, we can help you with managed dedicated server USA hosting as an add-on service. Please connect with us on chat or email ( to get more information on the same.

Can I install the additional operating system with a dedicated server in the USA?

Yes, our FastNvme dedicated server USA supports a variety of operating systems other than Linux and Windows. You can also connect with us to get the right assistance.

Can I install a control panel on my dedicated server USA?

Control panels allow you to manage websites and hosting accounts along with streamlined operations and functionalities. You can install Plesk and cPanel control panels can be installed on a dedicated server USA or ask for our assistance. Reach out to us via website chat or email (

What operating system options can I choose with dedicated server USA hosting?

We bring both Windows and Linux operating systems with our dedicated server hosting in the USA. You can opt for a suitable choice while purchasing the package.

Where can I check the price and discounts for dedicated server USA hosting?

You can find the detailed pricing structure for dedicated server USA on this page. You can reach out to us via support and ask for the relevant discount and deals.

Is a dedicated server USA, right for my website?

Yes, if you're planning to choose a dedicated server hosting in the USA location, it is for high-end websites. In case you're a beginner with hosting, opt for the shared hosting option. Since our dedicated servers are located in the USA itself, you can expect the best accessibility and benefits with the hosting service.

How can a FastNvme dedicated server in the USA benefit me?

FastNvme offers a dedicated hosting server catering to a wide range of professional users. You can get complete access to resources, storage, RAM, bandwidth, and processor. We provide the flexibility to upgrade the package in the future in case of any required change.

How dedicated server USA differs from the VPS server?

A physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers in a VPS hosting. You can get a part of the server to run and manage the website with VPS Hosting. The dedicated server USA hosting offers you the entire physical server and capability to your website.

Can you help in customizing the package of dedicated server USA?

You can contact us via chat and email ( and our team will help you with the specifications.

Are you sure your website will have no bad effect because of dedicated server hosting in the USA?

Yes, we have made sure to keep the dedicated server USA completely flawless. You can opt for the hosting service without any thought or concern.

Do you offer a refund for the FastNvme Dedicated hosting server in the USA?

No, our dedicated servers does not comes with refund policy, as dedicated server setup and installation on datacenter require manual human efforts, time and money.

What are your support hours for hosting services?

We offer super-class hosting support with 24/7/365 days availability. You can reach out to us anytime and we will help you in solving any concern.

Where is my data stored if I choose dedicated server USA hosting?

Our entire dedicated servers are available in the USA itself. The concerning data and information will be stored on our safe and secure server. You can reach out to us to know more details about your data stored in long-standing customer servers.

How much time do you need to set up a dedicated server USA?

We usually install the servers for your website after an hour of the order. However, we might need some additional time to deal with certain software options. In reality, our servers are ready to host your website as soon as possible.

How soon will I get my dedicated server hosting in USA?

Although the average time for us to provision your account will likely be within minutes, it may take up to 24 hours or more. But, if you need your hosting right away, call us at and we'll do our best to speed things up.

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