About Us

The story behind and ahead of Fastnvme

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Fastnvme data center was established in 2022. At Fastnvme, nothing is of greater importance to us than keeping your applications online and your data secure. Our commitment to taking total ownership of projects has resulted in an enviable client portfolio, featuring some of the most renowned brands in Indian industry. Fastnvme is also the first choice for the young entrepreneur whose cloud software needs secure, continual hosting.

Investing in a robust and reliable data center is a critical decision that companies have to make to ensure business continuity. Fastnvme is a leader in the space of data center and cloud-based services. We understand both the business of technology, and the technology of business.

Our primary aim is to help businesses of different scale grow substantially by creating additional capacity from their existing infrastructure, while reducing complexity and cost significantly. Making a clear and purposeful departure from the data center service industry as the world knows it, our business is purely driven by how we operate and help companies grow.


Fastnvme commitment to its customer is total ownership. We have developed the capabilities to provide a complete suite of offerings from platform level services which include data center infrastructure, storage, backup, hardware to OS layers, network and security layers.

Fastnvme has developed alliances which cater to the business application layer for automating our customers' business processes, thereby developing the capability of providing end to end custom solutions catering to their unique requirements. This is in line with our corporate policy of being a steward to the IT needs of our customers.

Fastnvme is promoted by the 10 year old Pioneer Group, which has been building the largest available infrastructure in the data center world and is already into FMS and SI functions. This is but a natural process of amalgamation of Group leadership values. Fastnvme assures its clients that all such custom solutions will carry a strong value proposition.

Value Proposition

At Fastnvme, we understand both the business of technology and the technology of business. We have explored the newest products, the latest technologies and the most insightful studies to bring you the best machines for your IT infrastructure needs across brands. But what actually matters is how we work for you. Making a clear and purposeful departure from the data center service industry as the world knows it, our business is driven by efficiency – in how we operate and how we help you operate.

Mission & Vision

We are driven by efficiency and excellence in how we operate and how we help our customers operate. We believe that truly efficient technology is that which saves time, energy and cost. We want our customers to pay for what they use and configure the best solution to fit their need.

To be the market leaders in the data center industry through clear differentiators in our operating style and company ethos, and to provide our customers with real-time solutions that they need.